An R Introduction to Statistics

R Introduction

An introduction to R concepts and data structures.

Matrix Construction

A discussion on various ways to construct a matrix in R.


fractal-09hA matrix is a collection of data elements arranged in a two-dimensional rectangular layout. The following is an example of a matrix with 2 rows and 3 columns.

    [         ]
      2  4  3
A =   1  5  7


A discussion of the character data type in R.


A discussion of the complex data type in R.


A discussion of the logical data type in R.


A discussion of the integer data type in R.


A discussion of the numeric data type in R.

Basic Data Types

fractal-05h There are several basic R data types that are of frequent occurrence in routine R calculations. Though seemingly innocent, they can still deliver surprises. Instead of chewing through the language specification, we will try to understand them better by direct experimentation with the R code.

Data Import

A tutorial on import data frame from external data files into the workspace.

Named Vector Members

A tutorial on how to retrieve vector slices by listing the names of the vector members in a character string vector.