An R Introduction to Statistics

Elementary Statistics with R

fractal-03h Ever wonder how to finish your statistics homework real fast? Or you just want a quick way to verify your tedious calculations in your statistics class assignment. We provide an answer here by solving statistics exercises with R.

Here, you will find statistics problems similar to those found in popular college textbooks. The R solutions are short, self-contained and requires minimal R skill. Most of them are just a few lines in length. With simple modifications, the code samples can be turned into homework answers. In additional to helping with your homework, the tutorials will give you a taste of working with statistics software in general, and it will prove invaluable in the success of your career.

We have included separate introductory tutorials for basic R concepts. The topics are by no means comprehensive. Nevertheless, even if you are not familiar with R, you can go through just the first R Introduction page. Then go straight to the statistics tutorials, and only come back for reference as needed.

Please find the topics you are interested in via the Site Map. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and let us know.